CB2Active™ (pp)

Our patent-pending (pp) blend of essential oils uses cutting-edge research in the endocannabinoid system, a messenger system of the body.  CB2Active™ (pp) achieves soothing skin relief using safe, natural, and effective science.

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Founder Jessica Kado M.D.

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Dermatologist-developed with consultation from an immunologist allergist. We are professional. 



Industry-first, patent-pending essential oil formulation provides natural irritation relief. We are natural.

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Ethical practices from research & development to manufacturing & distribution. We are ethical.

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Nature. Science. Progress.

Works great on poision ivy! It took the itch right away and is so soothing. The smell is strong at first but it smells good so thats OK. Love this!

Shawna T.

I used it on my child's bee sting and they stopped crying almost immediately. All summer this was the go-to for mosquito bites and I'm excited to try it on eczema this winter.


Helps with my eczema, especially the redness and itching! One of the better products I've used.

Jayden A.

When my eczema flairs up it is so itchy and annoying. I've tried everything and Pothacare is my favorite, so far. It's a little expensive but the jar lasts forever.


It has a strong, medicinal smell at first. It reminds me of eucalyptus and cloves. It's not a bad thing but worth noting. Feels amazing on my eczema!

Nicole S.

Very thick + not greasy. I put it on every morning and it absorbs in a few mins. Definitely a thick, luxurious cream.

Jenelle B.

Great results! Kept my dry, itchy skin hydrated all day. I personally like the scent, but for those who don't, it goes away in like 20 minutes and didn't compete with my perfume. Love it!


I can't believe how well it worked on my poison ivy! The smell was strong at first but I liked it and it fades away pretty quickly.

Gail J.

Overall, the texture and scent of the cream are good. Super luxurious, rich cream. The scent is pretty strong but fades as the essential oils are absorbed.

Sarah S.